My Bhutan.

    My world. Small as what cannot be noticed by our eye and as peaceful as heaven itself descended to earth. My world is probably small in dimensions but it holds more than its capacity. Bhutan is my home and all the citizens living is my family. Sharing joy, preserving identity, inspiring, and  working toward better future are daily practice in my world.  Youth are more active and intelligent. Having a passion to keep themselves updated with the outside world makes them strong both physically  and mentally.  Old age are living in society filled with Buddha's teachings and walk out to rotate the Mani Dhungkur.  Relationship among human and animals are very strong here. People have the responsibility of a humanity. They care and love animals.

We are well aware of the violence and its impacts on innocent people. We avoid fights which also reveals ones concern for the nation and its dignity.
Bhutan is the world for everyone who are seeking peace and harmony.  We should not search fo…